Ul. Mihajlovački drum bb, 23000 Zrenjanin

PIB: 104958212, Matični broj: 08626553,

Tel. 023/544-712 i 023/610-177

Dana 05.06.2015. godine zaključen je Ugovor o prenosu 100% udela u društvu Dijamant-agrar, između DIJAMANT AD ZRENJANIN kao Prenosioca i IM MATIJEVIĆ DOO NOVI SAD kao Kupca, kojim je Kupac postao vlasnik 100% kapitala Dijamant-agrara.

Radi se o kompaniji koja ima 4.500 hektara zemlje u proizvodnim centrima “Bratstvo”, “Stajićevo”, “Rasadnik” i “Planta”. Ima oko 160 zaposlenih, a uz ratarstvo se bavi i uzgojem junadi.


Company registration no. 08033447, PIB 101086675

Purchased at public auction on 23/12/2014 as the company PEŠČARA ADPP in receivership by a consortium of companies: ADPP Zlatica from Lazarevo, AD Bezdan from Bezdan and AD Ravnica from Bajmok


Surface area of agricultural land, total 147,287 m², of which:

74,018 m² is in the cadastral municipality of Nikolinci

57,657 m² is in the cadastral municipality of Alibunar

15,612 m² is in the cadastral municipality of Banatski Karlovac


Closed-type pig-breeding facilities:

– 4 pig-fattening facilities (size: facility A – 2,396 m², facility B – 2,398 m², facility C – 2,382 m² and facility D – 2,357 m²)

– in phase I, by May 2015, total capacity 10,000 fattening pigs per cycle, 30,000 pigs annually

– in phase II, after reconstruction, total capacity 15,000 fattening pigs per cycle, 45,000 pigs annually

PP “ZLATICA” DOO pig farm – at the 12 km mark of the main Zrenjanin-Vršac road


Tel: 023/898-010, 898-006


The company is located at the 12 km mark of the main Zrenjanin-Vršac road and comprises 3,433 ha of arable land. Irrigation systems for 410 ha.


Closed-type pig farm with more than 2,700 heads of pig.

250 sows deliver 5,500 fattening pigs annually

Increase in capacity of the pig farm to over 3,000 heads.




Machine shop 2,000 m2 with large fleet of machinery

Capacity of silos, 2,000 tonnes

4 John Deere tractors, 6 Valtras with Lemken and RAU attachments


3 Claas Lexion combines, 2 silo combines, a Holmer sugar beet harvester

Decision on profit distribution for 2011

Approval of financial report for 2011

Significant event report

“JEDNOTA” DOO – agricultural production
Padinski put bb, Kovačica
Tel.: 013/622-475, 622-475

“Jednota” DOO from Kovačica became part of IM Matijević DOO in spring 2005. It is located on the main Pančevo-Zrenjanin road. Jednota DOO owns 870 ha of arable land and focuses solely on crop farming (wheat, corn, soya, rapeseed and sunflower). Its 17 full-time employees and the latest machinery are the secret behind its enviable business performance.

Planned investments
– construction of silos, capacity 20,000 tonnes

PP “BEZDAN” AD – agricultural production
Somborski put bb, Bezdan
Tel.: 025/810-320, 811-388, 810-260

PP “BEZDAN” AD is a jewel in the crown of Serbian agriculture, exemplary in its stewardship of the land and its business ethic. Its owners are attentive hosts who will give their all to ensure your stay, your training event and your business partnership will develop in a spirit of harmony and professionalism. The estate extends across the area where three state borders meet: the Croatian (Batina crossing), Hungarian (Hercegszántó crossing) and Serbian (Bezdan and Bački Breg). A stone’s throw from Sombor, this is a place where fifty dedicated people work using modern machinery and technology to produce and grow crops: wheat, soya, corn, sugar beet and rapeseed. They cultivate 2578 ha using powerful machinery – John Deere, Claas, Holmer, Valtra, Lemken, Tehnostroj, Rau and Vicon – to achieve enviable financial results and crop yields.


This was the first company to be privatised in 2002 by IM “Matijević” d.o.o. It is situated 15 km north of Sombor, close to the border crossings with Hungary and Croatia, on the banks of the Danube. It is surrounded by a network of canals, forest and hunting-grounds rich in game species, for which this area is renowned.

The farm uses modern machinery.


The entire harvest is stored in warehousing of capacity 20,000 tonnes. The company’s stability and success, as well as large and high-quality yields, make it possible for them to replace machinery every 4 to 7 years. Their investments include John Deere 8430 tractors, Lemken EurOpal 9 ploughs, Claas Lexion 570 harvesters, as well as support equipment. This allows for precision operation, and offers security to all their business partners together with a guarantee of future success.

“POBEDA” DOO – agricultural production
Žarka Zrenjanina 58, Boka
Tel.: 023/846-603, 846-354

PP “Pobeda” Boka did business as part of the “Graničar” Konak agricultural estate until 1st July 1976. From then until 1990, the company operated under the auspices of PIP “Srednji Banat” Sečanj as OOUR “Pobeda” Boka. As of 1990, Pobeda has operated as an independent company. On 9th November 2006 the company was sold at public auction to Bojan Matijević and now does business as PP “Pobeda” AD Boka. The company’s core activities are wheat and other crop farming. Today PP “Pobeda” AD Boka employs 23 workers.

Significant event report
Decision on profit distribution for 2011
Approval of financial report for 2011

“GALAD” DOO – agricultural production

“Galad” DOO from Kikinda is an agricultural company farming crops on around 2,600 ha of land. Farming heavy marshland chernozem soil is very demanding and requires great skill and know-how on the part of those managing this estate. The farm produces primary crops such as: wheat, corn, sunflower, soya and sugar beet. Using modern machinery and production technologies they achieve high yields with almost all crops, especially corn. The company owns a dryer of capacity 18 tonnes/hour with storage space for up to 1,500 wagonloads of product. Currently the company employs 40 workers.

Decision on profit distribution

“RIBAR” DOO – fish breeding and farming
Svetozara Miletića 25, Novi Kneževac
Tel.: +381 (230) 82 845, +381 (230) 82 845

Novi Kneževac is situated where the three borders of Hungary, Romania and Serbia meet. Ribar d.o.o. is located close to the 111 Kneževac – Banatsko Aranđelovo regional road, and has 19 employees.  The land on which it operates totals 530 ha, with 263 ha of water surface (reeds and bullrushes). The company conducts fish breeding and farming: common carp, silver carp, grass carp, perch and other types of fish. The fish farm is a closed system comprising:

  • fattening pond
  • fry pond
  • nursing pond
  • aranka

An intake on the river Tisa provides a constant source of good-quality water.

Average annual production, with tendency to growth: 448,404 kg of quality fish.

PP “RAVNICA” AD – agricultural production
Zubačište 72/A, Bajmok
Tel.: +381 (24) 762 043, +381 (24) 762 192, +381 (24) 762 280

“Ravnica” AD, Bajmok, is located halfway between Sombor and Subotica, with arable land extending along the border with Hungary.

The company’s core business is crop and cattle farming.

The crop farming business is conducted across 5000 ha of arable land, and includes wheat, corn, sunflower, soya, sugar beet and rapeseed.

Ravnica employs modern agricultural technology in its farming, resulting in high yields of all crops. It is equipped with agricultural machinery of the latest generation, operated by trained workers, achieving high productivity.


The farming operation also has its own grain dryer and silos of capacity 20,000 tonnes.

Livestock farming takes place on a pig farm that sends 18,000 fattened pigs to market annually, and a cattle farm of capacity 1,300 animals per cycle.

A total of 118 staff are employed in the agricultural and livestock farming operations.

Significant event report

Financial report for 2011

Međanski put BB, Srpski Itebej 
Tel: +381 23 3837 050, Fax: +381 23 3837 050

PIB : 107512258
Duška Došlo
v.d. direktor


PZ NEGOSLAVCI – Poljoprivredna zadruga Negoslavci
Ul. Vukovarska br. 1, 32239, Negoslavci, Hrvatska
Tel.: 032/ 517-080; 032/ 733 088

PZ Jankovci i Negoslavci u svom posedu imaju 1500 ha obradivog poljoprivrednog zemljišta, mehanizaciju, skladišne kapacitete i oko 50 zaposlenih.

PZ JANKOVCI – Poljoprivredna zadruga Jankovci
ul. Vinkovačka 15, 32241 Stari Jankovci, Hrvatska
Tel: 032/ 54 00 96
Fax: 032/ 54 00 80

PZ Jankovci i Negoslavci u svom posedu imaju 1500 ha obradivog poljoprivrednog zemljišta, mehanizaciju, skladišne kapacitete i oko 50 zaposlenih

“MLIN TEST” DOO – Company processing and trading in wheat and flour. 
Laze Kostića 2, Šid
Tel.: +381 (22) 716-287, +381 (22) 712 244


Ulica i broj: Privrednikova 20

PIB: 102099095   Matični broj: 08008434

Telefon: +381 21 442 111

Dana 13.03.2015. godine zaključen je Ugovor o kupoprodaji stečajnog dužnika kao pravnog lica NEOBUS AD – u stečaju kao Prodavca i MPZ-AGRAR DOO NOVI SAD kao kupca. Kupovinom privrdnog društva kao pravnog lica Kupac je u celosti stekao i osnivačko pravo nad kapitalom društva kao i svu pokretnu imovinu i nepokretnu imovinu (Proizvodna hala za proizvodnju autobusa, ambulasnta civilne zaštite i trafo stanice) upisano u list nepokretnosti broj 1332 KO Novi Sad IV, broj parcele 441, sve ukupne površine 111.942m2, definisano kao “ostalo građevinsko zemljište u državnoj svojini”.

“PREKON” ZRENJANIN d.o.o. – recycles non-metal scrap and waste.
Tel.: +381 23 540 300, +381 23 530-900;
Komercijala: +381 23 546-523;
Fax: +381 23 522-644

Trg slobode 3, Zrenjanin
Tel.: 023/36-308, 65-088

“UZOR” DOO – promet roba na veliko i malo
Zmaj Jovina 2, Novi Sad
Tel.: 021/529-552, 6612-119

Kompanija “NOVOTRANS” DOO posluje u sistemu “Matijević”  i osnovna delatnost je upravljanje nekretninama za naknadu. Raspolaže sa 2.7ha zemljišta.

U okviru Novotransa nalaze se:

  • 4 autoplaca sa preko 400 vozila
  • autoprevoznik Sigma-line sa 70 kamiona
  • kao i roštiljnica.

“MAT REAL ESTATE” DOO je preduzeće koje je osnovano 2014. godine sa primarnim ciljem da jedinstveno upravlja nekretninama matične kompanije.

Cilj stvaranja ovog preduzeća je pre svega centralizacija podataka i protoka informacija kako bi se u kontinuitetu prezentovala jedinstvena ponuda aktuelnih nekretnina svih preduzeća u sistemu, ali i unifikacija rada svih hotelskih objekata.

Telefon: +381 21 526 277
Fax: +381 21 21 00 996

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