In order to succeed in any given area, you need vision. That is just what I had 45 years ago, looking after the two pigs that were all the worldly wealth of my poor family. I realised that my abilities would be better used if I was looking after a hundred or more. From that day to this I have been fascinated by large numbers. Achieving high productivity, low costs and optimal quality, whilst monitoring the demands of the market and adapting to them – these are the foundational principles. Anyone thinking or doing differently is destined for the scrapheap of business.

Many people ask me when I plan to stop and enjoy the fruits of my labours. For me there is no stopping. I am most rested when I am forging ahead, and the most important thing is to take a decision, even if it’s the wrong one. As an employer with over two-and-a-half thousand employees, I can say that there are no bad employees, only bad managers. When you realise this then success is just around the corner.


Petar Matijević

The company – full name, Preduzeće za Proizvodnju i Promet Industrija Mesa “Matijević” – is structured as a limited liability company (d.o.o.), 100% privately owned. The company’s core business is trade in meat and processed meat products.

The company was founded in 1994 but took its first steps as a small trader’s store called MIM, founded in 1991. Today the company employs 1,670, of whom more than 1,000 are employed in 130 retail outlets all over Serbia, from Niš to Subotica.

Matijević Meat Industry currently produces and – using its fleet of vehicles – dispatches some 180 tonnes of finished goods and all types of fresh meat daily, of which 90% is sold in its modern retail outlets, 5% is sold wholesale to other customers and 5% is exported to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.


Production takes place in a single location, in newly-constructed production and storage facilities and using the same, ultra-modern equipment used in the production and processing of meat and meat products in western European countries.

The production lines have all been built in the last couple of years and occupy an area of 35,000 m2. Especially worth noting are:

  • the modern slaughter line, with capacity for: 300 pigs/hr, 30 cattle/hr, 4,500 chickens/hr
  • cutting line matching the capacity of the slaughter line
  • machine processing with filling line for finished products, capacity 120 tonnes/day
  • non-perishable foods line, capacity 300 tonnes/month
  • deep-freeze chambers, capacity up to 3000 tonnes
  • fleet of more than 100 trucks

Our warehousing fully meets our needs for quality storage of raw materials, consumables, intermediate products and finished products.

There are also auxiliary services such as:

  • The transport service, which boasts a large fleet of more than 50 specialised vehicles for the transport of:
    • live cattle
    • poultry
    • finished products, whereby raw materials are delivered daily to production and finished products dispatched to retail outlets and the customer.
  • A professional maintenance service, technically equipped to quickly and effectively respond to all demands in production and retail so that operations can continue uninterrupted.

Our suppliers in Serbia play a vital role in our business, supplying the company with cattle of the highest quality for processing.

  • Cows


  • Pigs


    Young Pigs


  • Chickens


    Young Chickens


    Heavy Chickens


  • Lambs





The company has invested a significant portion of its accumulated earnings into the purchase and rehabilitation of other companies which it has taken on majority ownership of through the purchase of shares.

These are companies from many different industry sectors, and as affiliated companies they can be considered part of a complete “farm-to-table” system of production.

Mpz-Agrar doo Novi Sad

  • Farming (agriculture and livestock) with around 25,000 ha of arable agricultural land and farms with an annual capacity of 80,000 head of pig, 4,000 cattle and 3,600,000 chickens:
    • Bezdan AD Bezdan
    • Ravnica AD Bajmok
    • Zlatica AD Lazarevo
    • Jednota DOO Kovačica
    • Galad DOO Kikinda
    • Ribar DOO Novi Kneževac
    • Mlintest DOO Šid
    • Pobeda DOO Boka
    • Jedinstvo DOO Kikinda
    • Agrovršac DOO Vršac
    • Ratar DOO Jaša Tomić
    • Agrarmat Banat dva DOO Radojevo
    • Mat-pile DOO Srpski Itebej
    • Matijevićagrar-Vet DOO Kikinda, veterinary serviced.

Mat-real Estate doo Novi Sad

  • Real estate sales:
    • Tekstilpromet DOO Zrenjanin
    • Uzor DOO Novi Sad
    • Uzor-promet DOO Novi Sad
    • Bazar DOO Novi Sad
    • Novotrans DOO Novi Sad
  • Hospitality industry:
    • UTP Sloboda DOO Novi Sad
    • UTP Vojvodina DOO Zrenjanin
    • Hotel Centar DOO Novi Sad
    • Hotel Aleksandar DOO Novi Sad