Industrial slaughterhouse

The Matijević industrial slaughterhouse in Novi Sad is one of the most advanced facilities of this type and capacity in Europe.

A modern continuous-type cattle depot ensures welfare requirements are met in preparation for slaughter.

The slaughter lines, which are in separate buildings, with capacity 160 pigs/hr and up to 30 cattle/hr use the latest equipment manufactured by the German company BANSS.

Automated stunning of pigs, horizontal bleeding and dehairing with steam in a vertical position, reliable stunning of cattle with air, machine skinning of cattle, registering each cut with a chip on the hook and pneumatic removal of by-products of slaughter from the point of slaughter to a receiving cold-room – these are just some of the quality features of this modern slaughterhouse.

Rapid chilling of pig halves and cattle meat, equalising the temperature of the halves in fixed chambers with a capacity of 1,600 pigs and 200 cattle for up to 24 hours after slaughter ensures complete adherence to good industry and hygienic practice in this facility, and to the principles of HACCP. Cutting and deboning is separate for each type of meat and is carried out on automated cutting lines (for pork) and hanging lines (in the case of cattle).

The facility has the required number of properly located sanitary facilities and changing rooms, allowing for proper separation.

Visitors may observe the slaughter lines and cattle depot from a glass-enclosed corridor.