Every morning our lorries distribute fresh meat and meat products to all Matijević outlets. Our entire fleet meets high food safety standards, providing for clean and chilled transport of products.

The Matijević fleet comprises:

4 lorries for transport of live chickens:

  • 2 articulated lorries, make Mercedes, model Actros
  • 2 lorries with trailer, make Mercedes, models Actros

8 lorries for transport of live cattle:

  • all 8 lorries are make Mercedes, model Actros
  • 5 lorries have a trailer, one is articulated

1 lorry, model FAP

45 refrigerated vehicles

  • 26 refrigerated lorries:

2 lorries, make Mercedes, model Actros

12 lorries, make Mercedes, model Axor

10 lorries, make Mercedes, model Atego

1 lorry, make Man (only for transport of goods on-site),

1 lorry, make FAP (only for transport of goods on-site).

  • 19 vans:

17 vans, make Iveco, model Daily

2 vans, make Mercedes, model Sprinter

2 vehicles, make Mercedes, model Vito

  • vehicles are used by maintenance staff

8 passenger vehicles

  • 3 vehicles, make Skoda: 2 model Octavia, 1 Fabia
  • 4 vehicles, make Volkswagen, model Polo