In addition to our existing 143 retail outlets across Serbia we are planning to open further points of sale through which to bring our products to the market and meet the needs of consumers.

Our primary objective in business is to take the right decisions, ones which lead to success and to maximum performance with respect to all our business plans.

We do this through the careful selection of product ranges and constant monitoring and information-gathering regarding the target market and the customer our products are aimed at.

In order to achieve these goals one of our primary strategic orientations, in addition to investing in increasing the volume of our industrial production of meat and meat products and the constant improvement of their quality, has been to also set aside significant funds for investment in opening new retail outlets and fitting them out to the latest standards.

Hence we currently need shop and business premises for the retail of our meat and processed meat products:

Business premises between 120 m² and 200 m², for purchase or long-term lease, location – urban centres or close to markets, in the following towns:

Begrade – Surčin, Kanarevo brdo
Bajina Bašta

Please tender offers to the following email address: or phone: 064 640 1484